About M.E.

I was born in Innsbruck, but grew up in a small village surrounded by mountains. I love nature, especially when the morning or evening sun lights up the landscape around me. Even though my surroundings may be the same most of the time, the light changes them every day.

Photography is my passion, but I am also a testpilot for paragliders since over twenty years. The combination of both jobs made it possible for me to take pictures from a bird's eye view before the existence of drones. Still today I guess it makes a difference if you are up there by yourself. 

A lot of my work is aerial photography. As I fly above the mountains, the perspective changes, I feel much pleasure in the freedom of my horizons. It is exhilarating looking above and beyond the confines of the ground.

My desire is to capture these and other moments with my camera.

I feel a need to share the wonders I see.

To me a picture is not only an image, it is an emotion.

I seek to convey my visualized emotions. I have truly succeeded, when you, the viewer, can sense with your heart the elation I felt when I captured the moment.